Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lessons from the SNATCH

So I purposely used the eye catching title only to get you reading.... stick with me.

The snatch is, and has been, my frienemy for quite some time now..... every time I think I have it, something else creeps its way into my mind and my technique goes totally haywire. But that's whats great about it too. I am of the mindset that a person can learn a lot about themselves at the bottom of a snatch, including important life lessons.

1.  Embrace what you suck at and attack it head on.  Do not shy away from something because of the degree of difficulty. Great things never happen without some risk taking.

2.  The shortest distance between two points is....... execution. Lines don't draw themselves.  Learn to do things the right way and all of a sudden some of the hardest challenges become effortless. Execute well and execute often .

3. We will only fail at the margins of our experiences, by expanding what we experience everyday, we are ensuring our future success.

4. Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off of our goals. This one really resonates with me. When I focus on where I want to be by years end with the snatch my mind stops thinking about the points of performance that I am still not mastering. Just like life, focus on the goal, enjoy the journey.

5. There are things in life that should be done because they make us better at everything else. In Fitness its the snatch, dead-lift, and squat. In life I think its reading, getting outside, learning about others, and paying attention to what we eat.

So there it is, my five life lessons gleaned from the feeling that my whole body is going to explode when I hit the bottom position. As always, live primal my friends...............

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