Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Filling our treasure chests

            We live in a world where everything deemed good, enjoyable, exciting, and memorable has to immediately be recreated or packaged and mass produced.  Stop it. Part of being able to be present in the moment is directly tied to your ability to let a treasure be a treasure.  Being focused on the present and not trying to recreate the pleasures of the past on a constant basis allows us to be open and in tune with the potential that the world has to offer.  This is not to say that a great thing can't be recreated or enjoyed more than once. The message here is that maybe we need to take those moments that have, for one reason or another, become "cravings" and stop trying so hard to make them happen again. A particular person, event, meal, encounter, kiss, trip, meeting, or time period can be recalled and enjoyed again and again in our minds. Our ancestors did it all the time through group story telling and that is lost on us today. Let a treasure, whatever you definition of it may be, remain so. Who knows, the repeated event may never be as fulfilling or amazing as the first time around. Or to be all "financy" - the law of diminishing returns may wield its sword.  In brief, let go of the want, lock away your treasures and don't allow yourself to become an easily repeatable event to others.

Here is an example of an exchange between two fictional characters that perfectly encapsulates my point:

Irene Adler: “I don’t differ. I reject your whole premise. Our afternoon was one of the most unique and memorable of my life. It can’t be repeated. We could try, but that’s just a game of diminishing returns, isn’t it? I’d rather just remember it the way it was.”

Sherlock Holmes: “You preserve the integrity of the initial encounter by denying yourself further ones. Interesting.”

Irene Adler: “People don’t treasure things anymore. You should try it.”

Sherlock Holmes: “You’re not boring at all, are you?”

Irene Adler: “I try not to be.”

Irene Adler: “Is this all I am now? A piece of exercise equipment for your brain?”

Sherlock Holmes: “You’re the greatest piece of exercise equipment a man could ever hope to throw a leg over.”

Live primal......make memories...... fill your chest with booty!    ARRRRGH.....

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