Saturday, August 17, 2013

Where are you now? And does it matter?

"Your present circumstances do not determine where you can go or what you can do; they merely determine where you will start." 

I came across this statement the other day and it totally resonated with me. Far too often we look at ourselves and want to use what has happened to us, or what is happening to us, as a crutch for why we can't (insert whatever it may be here). Don't get me wrong, some people are starting at a point that is much more suited for them to achieve success, but its just the start. Some people will wither under pressure regardless of the support they have or prosperity bestowed upon them. Others will achieve greatness regardless of all obstacles. Every day that you open your eyes to sunlight, you are given the chance to rewrite or continue your story. Will you let your last chapter determine your next chapter or will you write a new story, one that has you achieving what you know is possible without thought or credence to what had previously been holding you back. If you were these people what decision would you make........ And I am not talking just about people who overcome odds and go on to change the world. I am more amazed at the folks who overcome their circumstance to achieve personal actualization. Could you or I do it? Do we have what it takes? The great thing about life is that we are given a new opportunity to test ourselves each and every day. Take a look at these people. Everyday folks making the best of their circumstances and not letting it determine their fate. Just click their names to see their story.

Richie Parker

     Dick Hoyt

Now none of you, hopefully, will never have to overcome what these two have. But the point is clear. Get up, make a decision to be as great as possible and get on with it already. Whether you believe you can or you can't; you are totally right. You decide.

On a lighter note, I have been watching this chipmunk for a while now collecting about four or five nuts a week from a backyard with two intimidating cats. What if she let her situation determine her outcomes? Thats how this all ties in with my Primal theme. Our cave dwelling ancestors could not just sit inside all day because there was a big cat outside...... Are you getting your four or five nuts per week?

Live Primal.

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