Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cultivating my garden Episode 1.

So I've decided to add a section to my blog about my adventures in gardening, and within these adventures I will try to deduce a "moral of the story" moment. But for today, let me introduce you to what I am doing in my little primal garden.

 This first photo is of my spinach. I used seed tape to plant these and it worked wonderfully. I am really happy with the amount of spinach that has come up and I'm excited to make a few awesome summer meals with this.
My herb area is coming along nicely, even though I think I may have lost my Purple Basil in a frost. Oh well, herbs are easy, and I can just replace.

Currently I have sweet basil, purple basil, sage, cilantro, parsley, thyme, oregano, stevia and rosemary. I am hoping to freeze some of the yield so that I can utilize the herbs all winter long.

From this angle you can't yet see much but I have a white eggplant, some onion and yet to emerge watermelons. There  are brussel sprouts and romaine lettuce in the middle. There was asparagus in this area in years past, but the yield was minimal and we decided to go another direction this year.
From the other side you can see a variety of pepper plants and some young cucumber sprouts. I am growing quite a few pepper plants this year and I plan on doing some canning. As of today I have green, purple, and orange bell peppers, cayenne, hot wax, sweet poppers, and some jalapeno going.

And finally I have tomatoes  (Cherry and Cherokee purple) Along with some additional hot pepper plants. I am really into honing my hot pepper relish recipe this fall. I like to use a variety of areas and pottings.... I feel like it adds a little personality to the mix.
So there is my garden so far, and the moral of the story for today's post is.........
A seed is a starting point....... Fill your mind with seeds that will help you achieve your goals, and remember to nourish them constantly in order to harvest the rewards. A seed alone lies dormant. Grow Something!!!

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