Monday, March 3, 2014

14.1 Lessons Learned

The Crossfit Open is in full swing. One week down and four to go. Here is what I have learned from 14.1 so far,  in no particular order.

1. Seeing someone who has never done a double under before step up and do like 70 is more exciting than watching someone get a 350 total score

2. We train, eat, rest and repeat to make our bodies stronger; we compete to make our minds stronger

3. 10 minute AMRAP is a total mind suck. 7 minutes - Just go all out...... 12 minutes - figure out a pace...... 10 Minutes - Ummm what the hell do I do

4. In a battle against myself it really helps to have people screaming at me that I'm taking too long to pick up the bar. Thanks for the "encouragement".

5. It becomes very apparent who has been putting in the work all year long.

6. It is amazing the way a Crossfitter is OK with subjecting themselves to brutality just to see if they can do a little bit better a second time. This is a rare trait that I think we are skewed to thinking is common... it is not. The average person does not have it in them.

7. Jump rope sales will be exploding this spring

8. Sam Briggs could beat me up easily

9. Crossfit Nittany is hands down the best box I've ever worked out at. Even when you subtract my bias....  You just can't beat that kind of community.

10. Custom Leader Boards are addictive

Check back next week for my 14.2 recap... until then, Live Primal.

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